(spoilers) Ogre Downstairs

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Mon May 7 22:28:21 EDT 2001

[DWJ-hated version of _Ogre Downstairs_]
+ Rats, I have just that copy, so now I will have to hunt for another version
+ of the books. Though, having never read the original version and never
+ having heard of the changes in it before this, I might stick with the book I
+ have... =)

In my Bad Edition, I listed all the errors. I can't find that one at the
moment, so here are the Changes I remember:

within first couple of pages, after the Ogre meets the Mother:
"I think he's frightful," Caspar had said frankly. "And I bet he listens to
 commercial pop. He's bound to, with low eyebrows like that." Since then, alas,
 they had discovered that the Ogre listened to nothing but news...

For some reason, in the Bad Edition, "commercial pop" becomes that famously
highbrow sound "classical music". That's just plain wrong, and is the bit
I hate most.

The grunginess of the kids isn't quite the same when they merely start up a
stopped tape rather than dropping fuzzy needles into dramatic bits of loud
music on dusty LPs... and why should Discotheque become Disco? It loses its
mysterious allure.

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