Second-hand DWJ books

Tanaqui tweaver at
Sun May 6 22:15:04 EDT 2001

+ ... not The Ogre Downstairs, I'm sorry to say.

Unfortunately, _tOD_ was subject to a rather dreadful 90s reprint, along
with _Power of Three_. The latter has only one deviation from the original,
and that's in a non-English spell, but the former was mutilated.

I was very very rude about this version in _Charmed Lives_ (a DWJ fanzine
now on the web as part of sterling efforts by DWJ fans)... and found out 
that DWJ had been rather stern about it as well, once she realised what
had actually been done with permission to update the money to modern values.

(some chit of a girl went hog-wild with "revisions", some of which are merely
annoying and some of which - "classical music" becomes "commercial pop" and
the Highbrow Joke is completely destroyed - are thoroughly senseless. She
"updated" the LP vinyl medium to tape as well, which besides destroying plot
also caused me to wonder why she didn't update to CDs).

So don't buy a copy with a test-tube on the front! It's the version which
caused DWJ to call up the person responsible and be less pleasant than usual.

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