A Very Deep Secret (spoilers)

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Sat May 5 15:57:18 EDT 2001

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>Are there bush ladies on the other end, telling you to be more ladylike???

The Bush Goddess, now that I consider her, sounds more and more like Aunt 
Maria. (IIRC, the autobiographic summary on the web site identified Aunt M 
with a mother-in-law) 

And speaking of autobiography, didn't Deep Secret come out just about the 
same time that someone on the list noted those Jones first editions inscribed 
to her mother on that (was it auction?) site.

And apart from all that, as to Nick, yes, he IS a selfish kid. He was brought 
up to it and has nice solid demonstratins of how to be selfish from both of 
his parents. He is also at a fairly self-centered age. But selfishness is not 
the only factor in his disposition. He is also basically a very decent sort 
and clever with it. His underlying selfishness can be transcended when the 
situation absolutely requires it. And, for his age he does have a fairly 
well-developed ethical sense, at least. 

Selfishness is much maligned, and a great deal of evil can be ascribed to it, 
but it is not necessarily the ultimate vice after all.
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