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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat May 5 08:28:35 EDT 2001

This is a mix-up of Laurie and Dorian's posts:

>I don't recall any voicing any opinion on the subject.  The class was a
>Women's Studenies class, which in my experience tend to be heavily female.
>In my one women's history course, the lone male in the class claimed that
>he took it on a dare from his friends.

Oh well - I just wondered.  We're too female-weighted (well, you know 
what I mean!) on the list to test my vague hunch that this is more a 
game women would play.  Possibly relating to the written vs. visual 
preference mentioned before.  Male listees are more than welcome to 
prove me wrong. :)

>And re Gilbert:
>See, IMHO Gilbert isn't a lot of fun once he and Anne actually get
>married. I liked him in the early books alot, but after that...

Oh totally agree!  In fact, I can barely stand any of the books after 
they're married.

>And SallyO wrote, on the same topic:
>>though.  Gilbert from the Anne books too.
>Nope, and especially not Emily's Teddy!
>It's funny you bring up Emily's Teddy, because there is a big brouhaha
>(one of my favorite words) on the Montgomery list about Emily, Teddy, and
>Dean.  Personally, I think neither Teddy nor Dean is particularly good
>life partner material, although at least Dean is interesting.  Teddy is a
>cipher.  But that's for another list :)

Oooh.  A big brouhaha on Kindred Spirits???  (I had to get off cos I 
got tired of there seeming to be nothing else).  I *hate* Dean and 
don't have much time for Teddy.  In fact, I think almost the only 
person I really like in the Emily books is her gruff teacher who 
corrects her writing.

>It's funny you brought up Howl.  Howl is in my mind a great romantic
>chracter because he *is* flawed.  Like a real person would be.  Too many
>characters that are supposed to be romantic are just too *good* to be
>believeable.  So, yep, I'll take Howl. I think he'd be fun.

& Dorian:

>I'll fight you for him!

I'll leave that scrum to you two!  Howl's one of my all-time 
favourite characters, but NOT for real life.  I hate histrionics and 
fights, so I don't think I've got the right kind of character for 
Howl.  I can all too easily imagine the real-life equivalent of the 
slime-sulk.  :)

>And *definitely* not Rupert (does anyone fancy him?).  But
>whatisname from "The Time of the Ghost" (having a brainfart, can't think of
>the name, lent the book to my brother...gah!  The guy who does the good-bad
>drawings).  Now, he's definitely fanciable!

Oh, I like Rupert.  Despite the name, and the early prat status...

>Rush Melendy
>would be good too.  And Mark from one of the later books in that series
>would be interesting. And you're right, Hallie--that family would make
>a wonderful set of in-laws.

Mark from _And Then There Were Five_, definitely!  Although I think I 
feel a bit too motherly towards him, maybe I'll let one of the girls 
have him ;)

Who's Dream, Dorian?  Sounds like someone worth encountering...


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