Romantic characters

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Laurie said...

> It's funny you brought up Howl.  Howl is in my mind a great romantic
> chracter because he *is* flawed.  Like a real person would be.  Too many
> characters that are supposed to be romantic are just too *good* to be
> believeable.  So, yep, I'll take Howl. I think he'd be fun.

I'll fight you for him!

Hm, who else...?  Don't really fancy Tom, nice and all as he is.  Nor Mitt
(there's something terribly offputting about those huge hands!)  Possibly
Howard, when he grows up...nah.  I don't know that I could cope with
Venturus!  And *definitely* not Rupert (does anyone fancy him?).  But
whatisname from "The Time of the Ghost" (having a brainfart, can't think of
the name, lent the book to my brother...gah!  The guy who does the good-bad
drawings).  Now, he's definitely fanciable!

>From other books...Mr. Darcy (never try to tell me there're no sexy guys in
the classics!).  Though having Lady Catherine as an in-law would be scary.
And Dream is one of the sexiest guys ever, anywhere (but then, there are
awful problems with loving any of the Endless, especially Dream!).  Barbara
Hambly writes *very* attractive men; I'd take Ingold, or Antryg, or Ysidro,
or the Icefalcon, in a flash!  (It's a good thing Patrick is at work, and
can't see this!)

I think I'm rambling.  I'll stop now.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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