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Hallie wrote, in regard to my post about which literary characters'
real-life counterparts one would want to meet:

I'm pretty partial to Tom and Mitt also, but far too chicken to      
consider it!  (Anyway, I haven't the right hair for Tom.)            
Christopher in _Perilous Gard_ ditto.  Joe Willard's interesting,    
though.  Gilbert from the Anne books too.  Although seeing a huge    
number of women on a L.M Montgomery site describe themselves as      
"married to their own Gilbert" kind of turned my stomach.  :)        
I'm wondering if any guys played this game in your class?  

I don't recall any voicing any opinion on the subject.  The class was a
Women's Studenies class, which in my experience tend to be heavily female.
In my one women's history course, the lone male in the class claimed that
he took it on a dare from his friends.           

And re Gilbert:
See, IMHO Gilbert isn't a lot of fun once he and Anne actually get
married. I liked him in the early books alot, but after that...

And SallyO wrote, on the same topic:

>though.  Gilbert from the Anne books too.

Nope, and especially not Emily's Teddy!

Any dibs on Howl?

It's funny you bring up Emily's Teddy, because there is a big brouhaha
(one of my favorite words) on the Montgomery list about Emily, Teddy, and
Dean.  Personally, I think neither Teddy nor Dean is particularly good
life partner material, although at least Dean is interesting.  Teddy is a
cipher.  But that's for another list :)

It's funny you brought up Howl.  Howl is in my mind a great romantic
chracter because he *is* flawed.  Like a real person would be.  Too many
characters that are supposed to be romantic are just too *good* to be
believeable.  So, yep, I'll take Howl. I think he'd be fun.  Rush Melendy
would be good too.  And Mark from one of the later books in that series 
would be interesting. And you're right, Hallie--that family would make
a wonderful set of in-laws. 


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