A Very Deep Secret (spoilers)

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Thu May 3 20:34:32 EDT 2001

Hi everyone, I'm rereading Deep Secret for the nth time. Consider:

                         BIT OF A SPOILER COMING UP

I set out for the Empire. It took several moves from lattice to lattice, 
with its attendant feeling of being a pawn on a chessboard hopping 
from square to square -- but downhill, since I was moving 
Ayewards. I thought as I went that Lewis Carroll had got it right in 
Alice Through the Looking Glass. No one had ever told me, but I 
have always suspected that Carroll was a Magid. It is a very 
influential thing to write books like the Alice books; and influence is 
what being a Magid is all about. Subtle influence. "

"Blow all that about deep secrets! Rupert and Maree say that the 
basic job of a Magid is to gradually release all the special 
knowledge anyway."

"So, Diana," I want to ask "Are you a Magid then?" And I think I 
just might, can't wait for the answer to that one.

One of the things I find about Deep Secret is that while, when I 
begin it, I intend to look out for occurences of this and that I tend to 
get caught up in the story and forget all about them. However this 
time I did spot something -- the Bristol Suspension bridge -- a 
ribbon of road hung from cliff to cliff between two quasi -Egyptian 
towers. It sounds very much like the road to Babylon to me -- in the 
first place the narrow road and in the second the hanging gardens 
bit, with the vegetation slung from towers. Clearly the bridge is an 
important part of Bristolia and if one bit of disguised Bristolia turns 
up there ought to be more, anyone else spotted any? Its a long 
time since I was in Bristol and about all I remember is the bridge, 
and my brother's hall of residence. Oh and staying in another hall 
and being woken up at dawn by the lions roaring in the zoo.  

The significance of the bridge makes me wonder if Dwj shares my 
not-quite-phobic unease about them. I have sinister dreams about 
bridges that sway alarmingly or suddenly turn out to have broken in 
two. dangerous things bridges <g>.

                             DIRTY GREAT BIG SPOILER

Another question I have is that I never quite figured why Rupert had 
such a low opinion of Nick. He is quite convinced that if Maree 
doesn't ask for her restoration herself Nick won't do it. As a reader I 
wasn't surprised that Nick did do the decent thing   -- he was very 
fond of Maree and as he said there were other ways to get what he 
wanted.     It certainly adds to the suspense of Rupert's night 
watch on the candle road but there shoulfd be more of a reason 
than that.                                  


If all the good people were clever,
And all clever people were good,
The world would be nicer than ever
We thought that it possibly could.

Dame Elizabeth Wordsworth, Good and Clever 1990
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