HarperCollins schizophrenia

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 11:46:35 EDT 2001

so, in the local SF/Fantasy bookstore yesterday, i
noticed that there's a very attractive new mass market
pb reprint of the Dalemark quartet -- the covers with
a lovely dark blue and green background, and a
rectangular box in the center with an image relevant
to the book.  i had to work hard at convincing myself
that i really didn't need additional copies, they were
so appealling.  i also happened to notice the US
edition of Mixed Magic for the first time, with
horrible swirlyness and terrible illustrations like
those on the recent reprints of the Chrestomanci books
[the separate ones, not the double ones with the cat
covers, which actuallly seem quite nice].  i checked,
and they're both published by
does anyone else think that this doesn't make any
sense?  it seems kind of schizophrenic to me, to have
such nice covers on one set of books, and to have such
horrid ones on another.  they looks completely
different.  don't they want people to relate them to
the same author?
is it that they think Dalemark and Chrestomanci are
for different age groups or something?  that doesn't
make much sense to me, but it's the only explanation i
can think of...


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