Second-hand DWJ books

Gross Family argross at
Wed May 2 04:37:06 EDT 2001

> >Aren't they all in print then? I know they are in my bookshop - or are
> >specifically looking for secondhand, cheap or hardcover?
> Where do you live?  I think I previously stated, I can only find
> chrestomanci, and occasionally dalemark here (WI, USA).  Everything else
> scrounge for.  I found a copy of F&H only after 9 years.  (In a used book
> store for a dollar and a quarter...)  Otherwise, some things are online,
> although I can't find Castle in the Air anywhere, but usually too
> for someone trying to save up enough to go to college in  the fall.

Rebecca, I'm sure I saw a copy of Castle some time ago. I'll look out for


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