Off Topic: Sayers

Miranda K. Smith mirkat at
Sat Mar 31 20:55:09 EST 2001

Helen wrote:
> I couldn't see the join, but that was because almost *none* of it sounded
> very Sayers-ish to me. In fact I can't think of anything much about it
that I
> liked.

Yeah, that's how I felt too. The impression I got was
that it had been started by Sayers & the majority
written by Walsh, but when I started to read, not even
the beginning felt like DLS to me. It made me think
maybe she'd just outlined it, rather than starting
it per se--or written pieces that fell within the story,
not at the beginning--? People's praise of it here has
made me consider trying it again...but DLS is one of
my very very favorite authors in the world (right
up there with DWJ), & I just don't know if I can take
an inferior imitation. (Inferior because of DLS's immense
skill!--I will look at Walsh's other mysteries, since
someone with good enough taste to care about Sayers
probably writes a good one. :-)


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