Artificial raspberry pips

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Sat Mar 31 20:45:49 EST 2001

Thank you so much, Ven! This goes along with pure-finding and doll's-eye-making
as a favourite odd Victorian English job.

Is anyone else devoted to Henry Mayhew?

Mary Ann

who had her world economic history students reading about pure-finding and

>You're not going to believe this but: the guardian newspaper has a 
>notes and queries section. There's a discussion at the moment 
>about women whose job was making artificial pips for raspberry 
>jam out of wood. I presume this was for jam that was pretty much 
>ersatz.these poor women wore theuir fingers down rolling these 
>slivers of wood until they were smooth and pip like. This was a 
>Victorian sweated trade. Its bizarre to think it was cheaper to pay 
>women to make wooden pips than it was to get real raspberries. 
>Imagine reviewers responses if someone's cinderella heroine had 
>this job!

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