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Sat Mar 31 18:53:20 EST 2001

(This email was down for nearly four days, and I am shovelling hard now
I can get to it. Lots and lots of posts about peanut butter and chocolate!)

Hallie told the sad story of the teacher who asked

> a question, and getting a number of answers and (supposed)
> discussion, and then finally getting the answer she wanted and
> saying "THANK you.  That's what I was looking for".  We got
> royally fed up with it right quick!

When I think about it, a major part of why I decided to stop teaching was
a plethora of students who assumed I was doing this and were right cross
that I wasn't. It was so boring, having them try to scope out what deranged
thing I wanted said instead of playing with the ideas of the course subject.

I'll take this opportunity to mention idly that I love both Jane Eyre and
Wide Sargasso Sea. 

My mother always maintained that Jane was wise not to become Mr. Rochester's
paramour once the existence of a prior Mrs. Rochester was known. I'm not
sure precisely what my mother had in mind-- and I learned much later that
my mother had had a somewhat licentious past-- but I think she was right.
Mr. Rochester certainly tended to think in ownership terms. Yikes.

deborah asked what we thought butter pies tasted like. My response will
unfortunately be of no use to non-North-Americans on the list, but here
goes. I think it's like a Dairy Queen butterscotch Dilly bar with internal

Has it troubled anyone else how likely DWJ characters are to contract scurvy?
And if I inhabited Suzette Haden Elgin's Native Tongue series I'd get mighty
tired of spice bread and tea.

Mary Ann

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