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Karen Jensen ckcjensen at optusnet.com.au
Thu Mar 29 22:43:35 EST 2001

>>though I'd like to ask folks to try to come up with some segue to
>>DWJ (no matter how ridiculous) for the off topic threads.  The
>>net convention "ObDWJ:" means "obligatory DWJ reference follows".
Oops, silly me! I thought the ObDWJ notation meant "obscure Diana Wynne
Jones reference"!
Just to add my two cents worth to the chocolate debate, the best chocolate
in Australia (I know, not much help to those of you elsewhere) is Haigh's.
Their chocolate speckles are to die for!

I'd also like to thank members of this list for recommending so many books
and authors that I'll probably have to live to be 150 just to finish them
all! So, here's a recommendation from me: A Pack Of Lies by Geraldine
McCaughrean. It's set in an antique shop, and one of the main characters is
a salesman who makes up tales about the antiques.An entertaining yarn with a
twist . ( I say this although it always annoys me when they say this  of a
book or a movie, because then I try to figure out the 'unguessable twist',
and find out its not so unguessable after all - The Sixth Sense fits into
this category. Do advertisers assume that people live in a vacuum, and are
incapable of picking up visual or written clues? ) sorry, I'll get off my
soapbox about trailers giving away too much of a movie now.

Back to DWJ - I always assumed that the Obah Cypt was a piece of jewellery,
like a locket (mind you, I'll have to go back and read FAH now to see what
DWJ actually writes. Oh the pressure I put myself under - having to read
Karen J

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