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Sat Mar 31 14:57:43 EST 2001

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001 11:09:47 -0600, Nat Case wrote:

>>On Wed, 28 Mar 2001 19:20:02 -0600, Nat Case wrote:
>>>One of my heroes is Bill Watterston ("Calvin and
>>>Hobbes") who has NEVER allowed marketing of ANYTHING other than books
>>>and the original comic strip. Not that a stuffed Hobbes wouldn't be a
>>>fun thing to have around the house, but even tasteful stuff (Peanuts
>>>materials for the most part, for example) really dilutes the effect
>>>of the original work.
>>Bill needs to get to work enforcing his policy then.  I am *so* sick of
>>seeing Calvin peeing on whatever some yahoo wants to denigrate (like a Ford
>>logo on a Chevy bumper sticker and vice versa)..
>And there you have the problem. His revenue stream from Calvin Hobbes 
>has slowed considerably (, and it takes lots of money to enforce 
>copyright, especially trying to track down fly-by-night operations 
>that make bumperstickers, etc. Especially when your copyrighted 
>character is adopted as a symbol of middle-finger-up to authority (R 
>Crumb hates "Keep on Truckin'", Bill Groening isn't too keen on Bart 
>Simpson ripoffs, and I'm sure it makes Bill Watterson seethe when he 
>passes a car with that on it). Bur realistically, how much can he do? 
>It's a problem.

Ah.  Now there's an image.  How about a reverse class-action law suit?
Instead of all the little guys ganging up on a some centrally responsible
party, we get one centrally responsible party and allow them to beat on a
large group of little guys?  Wouldn't that be interesting?  That way, Bill
could go through a single law suit and then sit back and collect fines in
small increments from all the yahoos...


(It'd never happen because what that really boils down to is creating a
widely dispersed enforcement body and that's more expensive than you'd ever
recoup, which brings us back to the original "too expensive to prosecute"
problem in the first place. But you can wish that people would respect laws,
can't you?)
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