Charmed Life: missing scenes

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Fri Mar 30 09:12:46 EST 2001


I've finished listening to the audio book, which was quite nice. What was very
odd, was that Tom Baker was suddenly reading something it didn't remember: the
scene in church, when Gwendolyn makes the stained glass saints move. I thought
it was very funny, and that it was even stranger that I didn't remember it as
I liked it. So I looked it up in my old German edition, *and it's not there!*.

Also missing: the whole part in which Cat and Janet try to run away, are found
by Millie and the following meeting with Mrs Sharp. The fact that Janet is
staying with Cat later is explained by Janet, who says: "I told them I
wouldn't leave you alone."

These parts *exist* in the English version, don't they? I mean, abriged for
reading doesn't mean they'll ADD something?

Anyhow, this provides me with a reason to buy Charmed Life in English...


PS: I'm going on holidays and won't be online for a week or so. Take care, B.

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