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Fri Mar 30 09:06:12 EST 2001

Kyla Tornheim:


> so, all you lefties--when reading the bit in "Charmed Life" when Cat is
> trying to write his essay about King Canute, did you say "That sounds so
> familiar" about the bit where he has to turn his book sideways so as not
> to smudge the ink with his left hand?

Yepp. I do that, too. Sometimes I nearly write vertically. But some southpaws
also turn their hands, not the paper. (Clinton did that as I noticed when he
was signing some treaty)

> and how do people think Michael Saunders could see what Cat was doing even
> when his back was turned? Is there an "eyes in the back of your
> head" spell? (without the actual eye, ick--has anyone seen those
> "Angel" episodes?)

Somehow I believe it's rather a case of "teacher's advanced peripheral
vision". My mother is a teacher...


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