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  Chris wrote:

  I have finally caught up with the messages and am delurking so hello everyone. I have a book to recommend - despite having been wotking 18 hour days - that must qualify me as an addict if I still had to get my "fix".

  The book is The High House by James Stoddard. It's a cross between Narnia and Terry Pratchetts Carpet People although it is not a funny book. Anyone else read this?

  I've read it and enjoyed it immensely. I really loved the evocative sense of a house containing worlds within worlds, and the feeling the book exuded of those wonderful fantasies of bygone years. There is a sequel called "The False House" which I haven't got hold of yet. It has had mediocre reviews--not that it's bad, but that it's too similar to "The High House"--has anyone read it?

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