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Tarja Rainio vierran at saunalahti.fi
Sat Mar 31 03:47:45 EST 2001

on 29.3.2001 22:00, Kyla Tornheim at kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu wrote:

> so, all you lefties--when reading the bit in "Charmed Life" when Cat is
> trying to write his essay about King Canute, did you say "That sounds so
> familiar" about the bit where he has to turn his book sideways so as not
> to smudge the ink with his left hand? I took a calligraphy class once, and
> had a *dreadful* time not making a mess of my hand and the paper...

Yes. However, I always turn the paper (or whatever) I'm writing on sideways,
but usually in a direction where my hand smudges the writing and my hand
gets dirty, especially when I'm writing with a pencil. I've tried
calligraphy, but as you said, it's really hard trying not to mess everything
when writing with the left hand.

> and how do people think Michael Saunders could see what Cat was doing even
> when his back was turned? Is there an "eyes in the back of your
> head" spell? (without the actual eye, ick--has anyone seen those
> "Angel" episodes?)

Haven't seen those eps yet (though I am a Buffy fan also). I think Michael
Saunders was watching Cat (and Gwendolyn) in his peripheral vision to see
how they acted on this first class, and it only seemed that his back was
completely turned. Still, he could also have been using some kind of spell.


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