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> Miranda K. Smith wrote:
> >> Eeenh. I didn't get far with it. To me it felt so obviously
> >> like someone faking DLS, not _her_. Peter didn't read
> >> like Peter, etc. Sigh. If only there really _were_  a way
> >> for there to be more Lord Peter mysteries.
> Yeah, you could certainly see the join. It seemed to be trying too hard-
> carefully putting in the period detail, when Sayers didn't need to bother.
> NAd the new charcters didn't have the same touch. I think it was all right
> as a mystery, but not as a Sayers novel. (Some mysteries are no good to
> re-read, because the plot is all there is to them. Sayers is one of the
> of those whose books are novels with a mystery in them, and can be read
> and over.)

I couldn't see the join. (And don't tell me where it is!) I agree it wasn't
as good as the real thing (though IMHO better than Unnatural Death, which I
have never liked), but I did enjoy it very much. The only thing that really
jarred was Wimsey and Parker always being referred to by their Christian
names. I suppose it fed my need to know what happened next to characters I
love, or rather to fill in a gap as we have Talboys and whatever the second
story in Striding Folly is called.


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