Good Omens movie (was: Moderators and Guardians)

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at
Thu Mar 29 13:31:25 EST 2001

--- Paul Andinach <pandinac at>
> (Terry Gilliam, in case the name isn't familiar,
> directed 'Time
> Bandits', 'Brazil', 'The Fisher King', 'Twelve
> Monkeys', 'Fear and
> Loathing in Las Vegas', and a couple of the Monty
> Python films. He's
> been quality-endorsed by both the authors of 'Good
> Omens'.)

<grin>  i've heard Neil Gaiman say that basically he
and Pratchett are staying completely out of the way of
the movie.  seems like a very sensible thing for
authors to do... hand the movie to someone you trust,
and then stay the heck out of it and hope to turns


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