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Gili wrote:

>>From: "Nat Case" <ncase at>
>>How about Philippa Pearce? Her short story collections are wonderful.
>>Or one of Tim Wynne-Jones'.
>I'd been thinking of Tim Wynne-Jones, but his aren't really quite 
>fantasy stories. They are full of a sense of wonderment, but nothing 
>supernatural actually happens.


What about the hockey ghost in the statue (that one still gives me 
the shivers), or the Chinese Warlord in "Book of Changes?" His magic 
is subtle enough that it borders on the inexplicable-but-wonderful, 
but it's there.

>But I do think "Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus" could make a nice 
>sensible addition to a fantasy collection. Speaking of TWJ, have you 
>read his "The Maestro"? I was blown away by it. I think it would 
>make a *perfect* movie, if I were in the film industry I'd pounce on 
>the rights.
>I didn't know Philippa Pearce wrote short stories! I've only read 
>"Tom's Midnight Garden", which I liked, and "A Dog so Small", which 
>I didn't. I'll have to look up her stories.

I've read collections called WHO'S AFRAID and THE SHADOW-CAGE, which 
are mostly fantasy stories, and WHAT THE NEIGHBORS DID, which is not. 
There's two other collections, FRESH and THE LION AT SCHOOL, which I 
haven't seen. She also edited A CENTURY OF CHILDREN'S GHOST STORIES.

>So far this short story collection is mostly an intellectual 
>pursuit, but when things slow down a little at work I will actually 
>start writing letters to rights-holders and see if I can put 
>together a good collection. I like the Terry Pratchett story from 
>"Hidden Turnings", and I'd like to put in something of Neil 

Have you looked at the Windling/Datlow adult fairy tale collections 
(SNOW WHITE BLOOD RED, etc.)? Some stories are too much for a teen 
audience, but there are some wonderful ones in there. Likewise Jane 
Yolen's XANADU anthologies.

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