Weaknesses of nine-lived enchanters

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Thu Mar 29 09:08:13 EST 2001

Small spoilers for CL and LoCC
ISTR that there was a bit of discussion a while ago about why enchanters
should have a weakness. I was reading a book that mentioned in passing that
left-handed children forced to write right-handed can develop a stutter,
(possibly because language is located in the left hemisphere and forcing the
brain to do extra work in that hemisphere when it isn't set up that way puts
"pressure" on the speech centres. Or not.) Anyway, it made me think about
Cat's weakness. Could it be that because enchanter's magic *is* so strong,
and so central to the person's being, it is quite easy for a "stutter" to
develop if the person is thwarted in some way? So a left-handed witch made
to write right-handed might develop a vocal stutter, whereas for Cat his
right side becomes blocked and unmagical. Like for Christopher, silver was
charmed into to being "neutral" for him, and this reacted with his very
strong magic, which should be able to change anything, but is so tied up
with "himness" that it becomes unable to work magic at all if touching
silver- not merely to not work on silver itself.
Anyway. The other theory was that all magic-users have weaknesses, (maybe by
the nature of magic?) it just isn't as noticeable or serious in less strong
talents. What are the weaknesses of Millie or the Caprona magicians?
Or maybe whatsisname was just wrong when he said that all enchanters have
weaknesses, and Christopher and Cat have been unlucky.
Another question for DWJ? 
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