Marketing Chrestomanci

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Mar 29 05:36:46 EST 2001

>Nat Case schrieb:
>>>  It's the biggest reason I have mixed feelings about a DWJ movie,  and
>>>  that I'm glad she's only quite successful, not Rowling-sucessful.
>>>  Imagine, Chrestomanci action figures advertised everywhere!
>>Dream pillows, witchcraft supplies, artifical dragon's blood, mauve
>>Chrestomanci signature books, stuffed Thogmortens (which say wong when ypu
>>them), Nan's school lunch packages, Euphemia frogs, Italian cookbooks
>>Capronese"... stop me now
>I want a Euphemia frog! Of course, you can already get green slime...

:)  I rather think some of Gwendolyn's apparitions would make nicely 
marketable toys.  Oh horrors.  There'd probably also be Awful's tea 
mixture, and (stop now if you're squeamish) packets of blood to make 
ghosts talk.  (Actually, on second thoughts, TotG seems one of the 
_least_ likely to make it to film!)

Don't feel a great need for the "cucina Capronese", but if someone 
managed the wonderful vegetarian dishes Anscher's lot made, I must 
confess I'd buy the cookbook.


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