"Wicked" (was "literature abuse")

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 29 10:32:28 EST 2001

Miranda wrote:

>You know, I hadn't finished it when I first wrote in praise
>of it, and while I still think I like it & admire much about
>it, I was pretty dissatisfied with the ending too.

In that case I think we are in agreement. Oddly, I do admire much about 
"Wicked", Maguire knows his Oz and does some very clever things. But overall 
I didn't like the book.

There's another intensely dark take on Oz that I thought made a far better 
book, "Was" by Geoff Ryman. It is no less depressing than "Wicked", but I 
think on the whole it gels better. It is not a fantasy novel, but a story 
spanning several decades and pulling together the lives of the "real" 
Dorothy Gale of Kansas, an actor named Jonathan who is trying to piece 
together her life whilst dying of Aids, Judy Garland and Frank Baum. 
Infinitely depressing, but also interesting. I read it a few years ago, 
feverishly finished it within 24 hours, and cried my eyes out at the end.
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