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>as an aside, I found it interesting that DWJ speaks of "Cat and
>in one of the answers, as if Christopher in her mind really is *the*
>Chrestomanci. "Really cut out for this post" as he himself finds out in
>wonder how Cat will be as Chrestomanci? Blond 'n handsome and terribly
> Maybe he'll develope a different style. He seemed to get along with people
>easily (in CL, he had many friends before moving to the castle, and got
>ith Julia and Roger quite well) But what kind of style? What do you think?

Christopher had friends before he moved to the castle, as well. Is part of
the point of having the "next Chrestomancis" all come and live there to try
and isolate them from "ordinary people"? (And then it gets perpetuated
because it's what has always been done.) Will Cat having Julia and Roger and
Janet there stop him from going all lonely and remote? In which case, he
could become one of the friendly types who are really annoying to have as a
boss because you *want* to work hard for them. <g> I suspect that he won't
be "terribly cool" in the sense of one of those people who know that they're
cool, because he's so shy and squashed that even when he gets
self-confidence he won't become big-headed. Probably handsome but not
realising it himself.
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