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>From: "Nat Case" <ncase at>
>How about Philippa Pearce? Her short story collections are wonderful.
>Or one of Tim Wynne-Jones'.

I'd been thinking of Tim Wynne-Jones, but his aren't really quite fantasy 
stories. They are full of a sense of wonderment, but nothing supernatural 
actually happens. But I do think "Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus" could make 
a nice sensible addition to a fantasy collection. Speaking of TWJ, have you 
read his "The Maestro"? I was blown away by it. I think it would make a 
*perfect* movie, if I were in the film industry I'd pounce on the rights.

I didn't know Philippa Pearce wrote short stories! I've only read "Tom's 
Midnight Garden", which I liked, and "A Dog so Small", which I didn't. I'll 
have to look up her stories.

So far this short story collection is mostly an intellectual pursuit, but 
when things slow down a little at work I will actually start writing letters 
to rights-holders and see if I can put together a good collection. I like 
the Terry Pratchett story from "Hidden Turnings", and I'd like to put in 
something of Neil Gaiman's...

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