Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Thu Mar 29 05:11:38 EST 2001

 McMullin, Elise wrote:
>> I hope never to have to address this issue, should I become a
>> parent. I hope to keep any children I might have completely
>> ignorant of marshmallow paste that could be eaten.

>LOL! Mine are completely ignorant of it (come to think of it, so was
>I before I read this thread and noticed it in the supermarket), but
>we do have the Dutch mainstay of "hagelslag" - chocolate sprinkles to
>put on bread - 

>And various kinds of sugar sprinkles with artificial flavour, of
>which the anise-flavoured ones are the least obnoxious and the pink
>and orange and yellow ones (purported to be strawberry, orange and
>banana) the most. There's also apple, which tastes exactly like
>artificial apple flavour, and the kids like that best but it's

Mmmm, Dutch chocolate sprinkles. All we get is "chocolate flavour" sprinkles
that do not taste in the least like chocolate. Sugar ones don't come in
flavours either, at least not that I've seen, you just have
hundreds-and-thousands, tiny round crunchy sugar balls in lots of colours
but not flavoured, for sprinkling on trifles and cookies (before you bake
them) for added crunch, and the same thing only little rod-shapes, also not
flavoured. But at least we don't have salted liquorice, I take comfort in
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