Off topic: the social context of anoraks (Wrinkle in Time)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Mar 29 03:01:22 EST 2001

After the nightmare scene in Bristol (well, both nightmares really),
Tom "squashed her face against his old anorak for a second."  I was 
sure it was in F&H somewhere!

Wax jackets, Sally, look less weird over here.  I _think_ (and I 
could be very wrong about this, so take it FWIW) that they started 
with the Country crowd (fox-hunting types etc.), and came down-market 
later.  All I know for sure is that coming over to Ireland from 
Tucson, I found that a wax-jacket was the only thing I could find 
offering a lot of rain and wind protection for £30.  (About 40 US 
dollars.)  Guess I couldn't see Crestomanci wearing one either, but 
then, I hardly see the rain and wind daring to importune him to the 
same extent is does us lesser mortals!


>On the topic of anaroks, I (In the Chicago corner of the world, WI) first
>ran across an anorak in a Wrinkle in Time.  I believe Charles Wallace has a
>blue (Torn?) one.  He doesn't seem to fit the categories henceforth
>described, but...
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