Off topic: the social context of anoraks

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Wed Mar 28 22:28:39 EST 2001

We don't have anoraks either. When I was young (10ish) we had car coats,
which were padded jackets in rattly nylon and bright colours. These later
became known as parkas and I think they still are - if they're still about.
Haven't seen one in some years. They were overtaken, I think, by a
strange-smelling garment in black with a waxy feel to it... ferociously
waterproof and with a tartan cloth lining.

As DWJ's words on Cloaks (which made This Correspondent hastily change her
heroine's fashion statement to a Mantle) imply, some garments are ubiquitous
for a while, then vanish.


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