OT or not to OT

Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Mar 28 20:25:05 EST 2001

Just a few thoughts on marking topics. IMHO, personally and all 
that, it's actually not that easy to decide what's on or off topic with 
a writer like Dwj  -- her books encompass so much of human life. 
And the Tough Guide and her other criticism supports wide ranging 
discussions about literature. I keep OT for things like needing a 
computer recomendation. I rather think that if the topic heading is 
something like Tea or Teddy Bears, its peripheral nature is fairly 
clear, so it can be ignored by those who are only interested in the 
core topic. but they'd miss a lot.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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