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Wed Mar 28 20:11:43 EST 2001

Hi everyone one, before I start this my computer just went glitchy,
 and I'm not sure if I just sent an erroneous message, sorry if i did.

Sally wrote
>I 've just reread YotG and goggled anew at the glorious set-piece in which
> the Emperor Titus  finally  .................  I *love* set pieces
> if they're as stylish as this one. 

Me too. The "Inspector" scene in Witch Week is one of the best 
DWJ. And the pirates in the Dining room in YOG. Btw did you all 
see in Diana's Answers, where she said two characters in YOG 
were based on unsympathetic doctors, and she turned one into a 
bar stool. Lol.  

Lois MacMasters Bujold does very good set pieces too, especially 
parties and council chamber scenes on Barrayer. Oh and that 
dreadful dinner party in  A Civil Affair, I laughed so much at that I i 
was glad I wasn't on a bus. Guy Gavriel Kay does this very well 
too, but I wonder if he doesn't take it too far, subordinating 
everythiing to stringing these flashy sps together. Sometimes it  
seems a bit heartless to me.

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