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Bettina wrote

> > Question:   Will there be anymore full-length Chrestomanci Novels?
> >
> > Diana's Reply:   Let's hope so. The trouble is that my imagination doesn't
> > work either to order or the way I think it does. And I like Cat too, but
> > he's a difficult person, particularly as he gets older.

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> He stills thinks of himself as the "smallest and lonliest person" in the
> castle. Which I found a bit odd, since Janet has lost her parents more
> recently, and was happy with them. She also has to acclimate to a whole new
> world. But then, she also seemed very practical and not prone to self pity.
> Which I feel Cat indulges in in this story. He's also very critical towards
> himself. I think it would be very interesting to see how he develops and comes
> to terms with becoming Chrestomanci.
I found Cat a bit of a disappointment in this story. Too prone to 
sulks. However I suspect the main reason is the ruthless pruning of 
the supporting cast, by measles etc, and wasn't Angelica 
supposed to have gone to England too. I think the fact that cat and 
Tonino are rather similar makes this story hard work. Also there 
isn't enough of the "absurd magic" that characterises the 
Chrestomanci books.

> And while I'm talking about Stealer of Souls, a bit of nitpicking: Mordecai
> scolds Cat because he didn't cast a spell against Tonino's travel sickness,
> saying there are very many. But Tonino also tells Cat that he was really very
> sick on the journey to England. Why didn't Chrestomanci help him? Once could of
> course argue that he was really exhausted after the events in Magicians of
> Caprona...

Being rather shy perhaps it was a while before Tonino told anyone 
how sick he was and got help.

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> And my "favorite answer", also to a question about another Chrestomanci book
> (which I would love, too).
>  "I keep wanting to fill in the gap, when Christopher is about 15 and getting
> terribly interested in clothes and girls, but so far this has not happened."
> Oh my! This is so --- <looking for words> so utterly --- <exciting? funny
> (imagine him trying on his first dressing gown)? interesting (I've been
> wondering how his relationship with Millie developed
This is definitely a gap I would like to see filled. I think that as Millie 
has gone to school there are possibilities in the machinations of 
spiteful girls -- come to think of it she mentioned this when 
Gwendolen did the snakes. 

Back to SOS, 


I keep wondering what happened to all the double souled babies 
and the ones who weren't. And they think its only one of the twins, 
but I think it could have been both. Things could get very chaotic 
round about the time they're coming iointo their powers and they 
have to go to the castle for testing. its even possible that one of 
them was a nine lived enchanter anyway so now he has ten and is 
scarily powerful. I think I may have to ask a question about this 
(without my suggestuions which I think would only be distracting)  

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