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Wed Mar 28 19:03:41 EST 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001 14:32:42 -0500, McMullin, Elise wrote:

>I was just at an FTC hearing a couple of weeks ago where marketers discussed
>their desire to "build 'relationships' with consumers."  Ho ho ho. I mean,
>not that marketing is inimical in some way, but it just makes me think of
>being hit on in a bar and calling that "building a relationship."  lol.
>Let's just say that they would not argue with encouraging co-dependency in
>seller/buyer relationships  :)  Although I imagine they *would* argue with
>my choice of words!

I hate marketing.  The whole profession has become perverted.  I apologize
if there are marketers on the list, but the profession has long abandoned
its original purpose of informing consumers.  The profession is now
dedicated to "overcoming obstacles" or "motivating purchase".  Which is just
pretty words for "get them to do something they don't want and probably
shouldn't do".  I have *no* support from marketing for restrained spending,
budgets, and informed purchasing decisions--all of which are vital to the
fiscal health of my family.  Buy NOW! is the motto regardless of if you can
afford it or even if you want it.

"Build relationships with consumers" Hah!  Ever try to have a relationship
with anyone the FTC regulates?  Bah!  Of course, master/slave is technically
a relationship...

Jacob Proffitt
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