The list of books in Wrede's Magician's Ward

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Wed Mar 28 18:09:25 EST 2001

on 28.3.2001 00:14, Hallie O'Donovan at hallieod at wrote:
> Melissa got the Mountains of Doubt, but I discovered a probable for
> Fire Keepers.  It's _Guardians of the Flame_, by Joel Rosenberg.  Saw
> Vol V today in a book shop, and it was dedicated to Emma Bull and
> Will Shetterley (?), and had thanks to the Minneapolis SF group.
> They seem to be out of print, so I couldn't see what the name of Vol
> VI was, if that has any particular significance.  Or perhaps it's
> dedicated to Patricia Wrede?
> Anyway, it was so long ago that everyone's probably forgotten, but it
> was fun to find it.

Thanks for the info, especially after all this time =). It's fun to know
that the mystery is now solved.


obDWJ: The food discussion on this list could possibly be partly on-topic ,
since she herself has wondered about what kind of food people eat: just look
at the entry on Stew (or was it Food, I haven't the book available at the
moment) in the Tough Guide ;-).

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