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Wed Mar 28 16:29:08 EST 2001

Gili wrote (a while ago now, but I was busy):
> but had to say (in response to Miranda) I *hated*
> "Wicked". And not for being the antithesis of Oz as I imagine it, which it
> is. I could live with that. Even though there's dark depressing and
> DARK AND DEPRESSING, and I think he could have written at least one
> character who is not a hypocritical social climber and yet does not die
> tragically, dissappear without trace or go insane. What I resented was the
> repeated cliffhangers with no resolution and psychedelic obscure bits, and
> the parts where you need to piece together what happened over 20 years
> the book inexplicably skipped. And the topheavy prose.

You know, I hadn't finished it when I first wrote in praise
of it, and while I still think I like it & admire much about
it, I was pretty dissatisfied with the ending too. I think
her early life & college years, & even up through the
early time at Kiamo Ko, were good, though, yes, very
dark. But then he does get sloppy, and jumps around, and
doesn't develop important stuff, and the end comes far
too suddently. Definitely felt like one of those books
where the author suddenly realizes, "I'm on page 304 and
my main character still has to age twenty more years
before the denouement!" (Sp?..) I felt like he was doing
something interesting with all the darkness and intrigue
in the earlier part of the book, but then he got slapdash
at the end. Oh, well.
ObDWJ :-) : I've noticed this problem with several other
authors--things end too quickly, & unsatisfyingly--but
I don't think I've ever caught DWJ at it. Things do often
fall into place & resolve rather suddenly at the end of
her novels, but it never feels rushed to me; it feels like
that's where the narrative has been headed all along
(which is not to say it was forseeable; just satisfying).
She can be a bit confusing in the course of a story at
times, though. :-)


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