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Melissa said...
> *Is _Hexwood_ really a most brilliant book, or just confused?

IMO, most brilliant.  I only read it for the first time very recently, and I
had to remind myself to "trust the author" because the first few chapters
confused me immensely.  Then, when I'd finished it, I sat right back down
and read it again; knowing what was happening ensured that it then made more

I think it's a brilliant book because it seems so confused and haphazard,
but everything does fit together properly, and every time I re-read it (just
finished for the 4th time), I find more stuff fitting together.
> *I gave _Fire and Hemlock_ to a Polly who complained there were no good
> heroines in books with her name.  She was...unimpressed.  Should I dump
> as a friend?  What's up with the ending anyway, and why are DWJ's endings
> frequently like this?  Specifically, the Polly's complaint was that "she
> (DWJ) had ended the book and then kept on going unnecessarily," but *I've*
> always felt the ending was rushed.  Anyone have any new insights?

I think I'd read the book a dozen times before the ending made sense at all!
I don't think it's either rushed or rambled on past.

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