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Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 28 19:23:56 EST 2001

I'm sure this bout of off-topicism will die down in a day or two, but I'll 
be sorry when it does. I feel very at-home in this list, and love the 
company, and love the fact that we are a truly international group of 

I can assure you we are all DIEHARD fans of Diana Wynne Jones, and there 
have been some fascinating analyses of her books proffered on this list. But 
I enjoy the threads on grilled cheese sandwiches or tea just as much: they 
contribute to the feeling that this list is an ongoing community, not just 
somewhere people go occasionally for information.

In fact, this has always been my experience with the internet: I've explored 
as many different lists as I have interests, but only stay on when I enjoy 
the company. And whenever what keeps people together is as much liking each 
other as sharing one particular interest, digressions are inevitable. It's 
part of the glue.

So, yes, Marie, you did hit an unusually off-topic patch, but I'm not at all 
sure it's a bad patch... if you stick around for a while, you may start 
enjoying it!

BTW, This list is a fantastic place to get book recommendations, it has 
really fuelled my reading in the past year or two.

I wonder if DWJ herself would enjoy reading this list. I sometimes try to 
imagine how she would react to the various things that get posted here...
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