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Wed Mar 28 14:15:10 EST 2001

Gili wrote:
"My personal favourite is "knafe", it sounds odd, but when properly prepared

is delicious: goats' cheese layered between two sheets of tiny crispy 
noodles soaked in honeywater, with ground pistachios sprinkled on top. The 
sharp flavor of the cheese counterpoints the sweetness perfectly..."

Ahh, do you know Gili - I just tried this for the first time last month. And
for the second time last week...and for the next time possibly this week :)
You are so right - it's amazing!  I liked a sort of pistachio/rosewater
cookie that was sort of like a pierogie with powdered sugar on it.

I tried some Chinese desserts recently thanks to a friend from Hong Kong.
Mango mochi balls and these rice paste balls filled with sesame paste which
one boils. Really good - looked a bit like eyeballs though  ;)

Sorry Marie.  The list has been very quiet and then down (right?) recently.
Suddenly it's like a big party.  We really do talk about dwj all the time.
Really! I missed the list conversation generally though and I *do* like
hearing perspectives on all things great and small partly because everyone
is a dwj fan.  So we know we have that really large thing in common.

So Marie - what's your favorite dwj? Which parts have made you laugh out
loud?  Have you ever cried?

You know, I think my most absolutely intense dwj moment was in Power of
Three when they are all down in the dorig hall volunteering to die. I mean,
I've cried and felt desperate at things at other times - like Hildy and Ynen
being hunted by their family - but mmm!  I think I'll have to go read it
again tonight.  While I eat a piece of knafe. Although I think they spelled
it...khapera or khafera at the cafe. Whatever, I know it *must* be what you
describe Gili.

Because some goddess on the list sent me a copy!!

Endless gratitude,


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