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On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Anita Graham wrote:

> > >Ghiradelli has good non perils
> > 
> > Nonpariels... probably not spelled that way, but a good 
> > Georgette Heyer
> > word.
> Nonpareils

A note of caution to all: this must be very carefully distinguished from
the word nonpareil, meaning "unrivalled or unique."  Before I was aware of
this, I had one of the single most alarming reading experience I've ever
encountered while reading Jack Vance's _Suldrun's Garden_, the first book
in the Lyonnesse trilogy.  The bad guy in that, Faudhe Carfihliot (sp? -
but I like that name sufficiently that I had to put it in somewhere!) has
this passage towards the end in which he's thinking about how great he is,
and it goes something like: "He could dance with his sword against
lightning in the sky. He was fantastic.  He was the nonpareil."  At which
point I slowly put the book down and spent several minutes thinking
frantically: "Why does he think that he is a small chocolate thing?  And
how does this fit in _at all_ with his train of thought?"  When it
occurred to me to look the word up in the dictionary two weeks later, I
spent a good deal of time laughing hysterically at myself.


PS: ObDWJ, ObDWJ, ObDWJ, err: Hmm. . . I like DWJ names, too.  Tanamoril
Osfameron Clennenson.  Cennoreth Manaliabrid 
Clennensdaughter.  Barangarolob.  Semprosia Marina Timosa. . . Mallory
(my roomate's name is Marina, so I especially like that one)!

"Let me forget about today until tomorrow."

				---Bob Dylan, "Mr. Tambourine Man"

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