Moderators and Guardians

M Elizabeth Parks meparks at
Wed Mar 28 13:55:32 EST 2001

there are itty itty bitty spoilers for YotG in this, so exercise

Well, I haven't stopped thinking about moderators. . . . I was in the
shower trying to decide if Deborah (who is the moderator, right?  I'm
pretty sure about that ^_^;) was more like Chrestomanci or that statue guy
from YotG (sorry, I don't have my copy with me and as you may have noticed
I'm horrible with names) when I began to think about just how many
instances there are of that type of character in DWJ books.  The kind of
character, that is, who watches over people and is a protector.  He/she/it
(mostly he, I think) tends to be sort of hidden for most of the book and
then sometimes revealed surprisingly at the end.  He often watches over
the main character and protects him.  Here's a short list:

Time City--Faber John
CL, LoCC, WW, MoC--Chrestomanci
Dark Lord--the gods
Deep Secret--the Magids on one Level, the Upper guys on another
Eight Days of Luke--was it Thor?
Dalemark, esp. the last two--the Old Ones
Hexwood--the computer guy

and to some extent Jamie in Homeward Bounders, Venturus in Archer,
Benvenuto in MoC, and the underwater king guy in Power of Three (so sorry
about all the fudgy names!).  And the Sun, I think it was, in
Dogsbody. . .  And they're all slightly different but I think they have
some of the protector/ one who knows more than everyone else thing going
on.  Thoughts?

I know we've discussed characters like Cat who surprise themselves with
their power at the ends of the books, and I think that the two ideas are
somewhat related, but I wanted to throw this out for discussion.

Another similar character is Dumbledore in Harry Potter, and since I've
written a paper on Arthurian motifs in HP, I'll mention the huge
similarity between Dumbledore and the Merlin character in Arthurian myth,
esp. in TH White.  Do you think that this type of character is common?  A
sign of White's influence?

And I'm sorry this is a little disjointed, but I wanted to say it and I've
now got half an hour to read and respond to several books of the Bible, so
make of it what you will.


ps.  a while ago someone mentioned something about the angel Gabriel
possibly being female or at least more so than other angels.  Can whoever
it was tell me where this theory comes from and what supports it or just
generally expand on it offlist, please?  I've been wondering about it ever

pps.  anyone heard anything about the Good Omens movie?


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