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>Now, I know that Charmed Life was quite some time ago, but she had been
>getting books published for at least a decade previously. Was there some 
>of "critical mass" built up by then before the publishers started giving 
>an extra "push" or was there something else going on? I do recall that
>Charmed Life was about the first of her books that I actually saw in
>bookstores in hardback. (Was it her first that was by Greenwillow? Was a
>change of imprint the deciding factor?)

I also discovered DWJ through "Charmed Life", and I felt intuitively it was 
an obvious first choice for which of her books to translate into Israel. 
(Actually I may have read "Wlikin's Tooth" first but was not impressed 
enough to remember the name of the author.) I guess because it fits the 
classic mold of children's books very well: orphan transposed into a new and 
marvellous environment full of wonders, surprises and danger, gets caught up 
into a war between good an evil...

Also, clearly it is one of the most Potteresque of DWJ's books, and has 
probably been recommended on dozens of "while you're waiting for the next 
Harry Potter you might enjoy..." lists.
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