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Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Wed Mar 28 13:36:42 EST 2001

  I'd like to think that we are all friends, albeit distant, and therefore when we talk about stuff it covers a multitude of topics (and sins) and not just DWJ. After all, she wrote a finite amount of books (sadly), so it is simply not possible to discuss her all the time. 
  Bettina and Hallie already made comments about fascination with cultural differences, so I shan't repeat those. As to role of moderators, I think that if ours tried to enforce a strict DWJ-only policy, they'd soon have a rebellion on their hands. I hope I speak for most of us when I say that we LIKE the list just how it is.

  I joined this list recently in the hope of seeing and joining in discussion 
  about Diana Wynne Jones's books and other children's fantasy literature. 

  So far there seems to have been correspondence mainly about tea, Marmite, 
  Bovril and jello/jelly. Have I hit a bad patch? Should I stay? Is it always 
  like this? Have I missed something? 

  I'm not normally a virtuous objector to cakes and ale, or to touches of 
  companionable lightness amongst people who seem to know each other quite 
  well, but if I'd wanted discussion of that I'd have joined the cakes and ale 
  list from JISCmail. 

  Comments, please. 

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