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Wed Mar 28 18:23:03 EST 2001

>From: liril at gmx.net
>Nonono. I mean yes. Erm. Sorry, my fault. Got the word wrong. I didn't 
>"Oriental".  That what some kind of German retranslation. I meant, "middle
>east" (?). Turkish, Greek, Arabian. For example Baklava, that's made from 
>layers of strudel dough, with sugar sirup between every two layers, and 
>it's served, you can pour extra sugar sirup over it. And it tastes mostly 
>sugar sirup, which is aromated with rose water.

My personal favourite is "knafe", it sounds odd, but when properly prepared 
is delicious: goats' cheese layered between two sheets of tiny crispy 
noodles soaked in honeywater, with ground pistachios sprinkled on top. The 
sharp flavor of the cheese counterpoints the sweetness perfectly...
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