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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Mar 28 11:31:22 EST 2001

>though I'd like to ask folks to try to come up with some segue to
>DWJ (no matter how ridiculous) for the off topic threads.  The
>net convention "ObDWJ:" means "obligatory DWJ reference follows".
>This can be really silly: "Marmite always reminds me of Sirius
>eating garbage in Dogsbody".  That way you might start a on topic
>thread.  <grin>

Do you really want this seriously, Deborah?  This is not trying to be 
flamey in any way, but I think this list has worked wonderfully for 
quite some time with its own peculiar way of drifting on and off 
topic.  As Bettina pointed out, even when we seem completely off 
topic, we're enjoying an exchange of cultural differences and 
similarities which only enhance our understanding when reading our 
much-loved favourite author.

And personally, I think it no huge surprise that we've all gone a 
little mad with the posts recently.  I, for one, felt the lack of 
frequent exchanges quite deeply.  We'll come back on topic naturally, 
as long as we can share our shared (or otherwise) enthusiasms 

>if you really can't think of anything on topic then put "OT:" in
>the subject line so people can just delete the message if they
>aren't interested.

Fine, but again, do we really want the self-consciousness of changing 
a thread's name from Twinkies to OT: Twinkies each and every time we 
really can't think of anything to add that's on topic?


(Who has been dying to write something outrageous/stupid/hokey so she 
could use Paul's IGMC.)


PS from Becca: I have tied my mother to the computer chair and made 
her send this, as she was Wavering.  Oh if only I was like 
Chrestomanci and didn't have to resort to physical violence! I would 
just LOOK at her, in That Way.

(Very neatly, there is my obligatory DWJ reference. I am so proud of 
myself. Especially as this is a post in which I am rebelling against 
having to make obligatory DWJ references. :-) )
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