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Wed Mar 28 10:53:30 EST 2001

>Elizabeth writes:
>> Twinkies are just scary.
>OK, I just have to ask: what on earth are Twinkies? Sounds like something
>you buy at a fairy shop.

Melissa wrote:
Golden cake piped full of a white fluffy filling.  The rumor is that they
have a shelf life of 22 years.  They are kind of an American icon now, but
in absolute terms they are indeed scary...the sort of thing you get fed as a
child, but as an adult you can't imagine having eaten.

And, this may be an urban legend - in fact, it probably is - but I have
heard that twinkies are not baked. No. They rise by chemical reaction ==:o.
Though the bottom of the twinkie is a reassuring darker golden brown color
which would lead you to believe it is baked, the urban legend *I* heard is
that this delightful color is painted on.

Hi, my name is Elise and I am here as a formerly twinkie dependent person.
Sure, it's been over 20 years, but one is always in a state of recovery, no?
When my parents bought twinkies, I went to elaborate lengths to scarf as
many as possible.  I even had a ruse where I would ask for one twinkie, take
two, eat the first one halfway down and ostentatiously display it where my
parents would see it.  Then eat the rest really fast and the first half of
the second one. And so on.  One day I went back for my fourth, or perhaps
fifth, twinkie. Upon opening the box, a strong feeling of strangeness and
revulsion swept over me.  I asked "Just what *are* these things??"  And that
was the last of twinkies forever.  At first this revulsion was limited to
twinkies. I still liked devil dogs (chocolate cake sandwiches with cream in
the middle), king dons, fruit pies and etc.  Gradually and in stages I
became repelled by all of them.  Now, I just can't stand the taste of
preservatives. Ugh.  My past steeped in junk food muck is probably
responsible for my dedication to good food adventures today and why I'm hard
on American chocolate.  Although, I guess I wouldn't recommend this risky
course to other kids or parents!

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