Favorite scenes

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Wed Mar 28 09:15:03 EST 2001

Sallyo wrote:

> I go back and reread my favourite pieces about twice as often as I read the
> actual books.

I do that, too. Although I sometimes get sucked up in the book.
One of my favorites is the first meeting of Cat and Chrestomanci (with the
fantastic "For his eyes? How uncomfortable!" that I've mentioned already). This
is btw a scene I've visualized (with different actors in the role of
Chrestomanci, after a casting thread in this list. For this scene, btw, Rupert
Everett was the winner) and read aloud quite often!
I think Charmed Life is one of my favorites because it contains many scenes I
And, of course, "...a very long procession consisting of one person." <smile>


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