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Voicebearer at aol.com schrieb:

> I joined this list recently in the hope of seeing and joining in
> discussion
> about Diana Wynne Jones's books and other children's fantasy
> literature.

Welcome to the list, Marie.
This *is* the right place.
And btw I see a thread about new and old Chrestomanci books forming.

> So far there seems to have been correspondence mainly about tea,
> Marmite,
> Bovril and jello/jelly. Have I hit a bad patch? Should I stay? Is it
> always
> like this? Have I missed something?

This food discussion is certainly OT. But for me, it is very
interesting, too. As I am not from the British or American language /
culture area, but read many books in English, things like this explain
many nuances I maybe wouldn't have noticed. For example the bit about
Granny making / drinking tea in Fire and Hemlock and the thoughts and
associations of people here where very interesting bits of english
culture for me, resonances of this book I wouldn't have seen and I'm
glad to have read about.

We had a very interesting discussion about Year of the Griffin not very
long ago, so maybe you'd like to take a look at in the archives, and see
what the lists like when people are not so "hungry". ;-)

And then, why don't you start another thread? For example, which is your
favorite DWJ book? Mine are Charmed Life and Power of Three, I've
finally decided that. This decision isn't very rational, because if I'd
try to rationalize it, I'd still be writing about it tomorrow (and maybe
find out it might be the Magicians of Caprona or Deep Secret (the next
on my favorites list) after all...;-) Charmed Life was one of my first,
the humour is fabulous, and I love the cast. Power of  Three has a
wonderful atmosphere, I've always liked the special feel of this book.


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