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Wed Mar 28 03:14:00 EST 2001

Jenwa Hsung schrieb:

> quoting me writing about "sweet Oriental desserts"...
> okay, i'm confused.  most of the Chinese desserts I
> can think of off the top of my head are really *not*
> very sweet -- in fact, my parents, who were born on
> the mainland and grew up in Taiwan, generally don't
> like American/European desserts because they're too
> sweet for them.
> it could be you're thinking of a different set of
> desserts than i am... i guess some of the Vietnamese
> desserts i've had were pretty sweet...

Nonono. I mean yes. Erm. Sorry, my fault. Got the word wrong. I didn't meant
"Oriental".  That what some kind of German retranslation. I meant, "middle
east" (?). Turkish, Greek, Arabian. For example Baklava, that's made from thin
layers of strudel dough, with sugar sirup between every two layers, and when
it's served, you can pour extra sugar sirup over it. And it tastes mostly of
sugar sirup, which is aromated with rose water.


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