Nat Case ncase at
Tue Mar 27 20:48:29 EST 2001

At 1:02 AM +0100 3/28/01, Ven wrote:
>Nat listed
>>  1. Lindt Madagascar--60-70% cocoa content, with little chopped up 
>>cocoa beans.
>I've only ever come across this in Spanish supermarkets, which are
>a great place to find good chocolate. That saved me once when I
>had left my present buying til my last Saturday afternoon only to
>find most of the shops closed for siesta and didn't bother reopening
>on Saturdays. 
>>  2. Gaillard & Debeuve, from Paris.
>>  3. Caillebot.
>>  4. Neuchatel, which I only know from the shop in Plaza Hotel in New
>>  York. Costs as much as the train ticket, but oh it's worth it
>>  5. Chocolate-covered Cranberries--Think of cocaine, and make it taste
>>  like Nantucket.
>May I add
>6. Cote d'Or milk chocolate -- the only milk chocolate worth eating
>imo. Sadly the only time I've found it in the pure form recently is in
>foreign airports -- and I don't fly often enough.
>7. My American friend Vicki brought back from the US aTerry's
>chocolate raspberry. Wicked. We need to campaign to get these in
>the UK!
>8. Zartbitter -- a really cheap German chocolate bar which we used
>to get on Sheffield market, the best bitter sweet dark chocolate I
>have ever tasted.

Ingrid says not to forget Scharffen Berger from San Francisco (how 
could I). And with dinner tonight, with no knowledge of what this 
topic has done to my appetites, she brought a lovely locally made 
"dark chocolate extravaganza" truffle from our own local place in St 
Paul. Hee hee--she loves me!

I don't suppose Lasse Hallstrom's recent CHOCOLAT has been whetting 
people's appetites...Has that come out elsewhere in the world?
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