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Tue Mar 27 19:02:37 EST 2001

>I wrote:
> > Try heating lots of treacle/golden syrup with margarine, cocoa
> > powder and a bit of brown sugar. Turn it down when it reaches
> > vigorous boil, cool a bit, add rice crispies or cornflakes.
> > Excellent emergency pmt buster ;-).
and Irina asked
> Why not butter? And where can I get golden syrup? 

Can't help with the golden syrup, dunno why its margerine, but it 
has to be the solid cooking kind as the spreadable stuff has too 
much water. I'm not sure whether butter works. When I was in the 
Netherlands, 1980, you wouldn't have been able to find cornflakes 
or rice Krispies very easily either. Have things changed much on 
the food front? Us English seemed to scandalise Dutch people 
then with our "odd" food combinations. OK so sprinkles and 
muisjes on ham and cheese were a bit peculiar, the perpetrators 
were just bored, but I got told off for putting jam on my groggebrod 
(thin slices of black rye bread to everyone else) and I didn't think 
that was strange at all.  Apparently it was supposed to be eaten 
with a slice of cheese and a slice of ordinary brown bread ........

Anyhow Irina, I hope you can find the golden syrup and the recipe 
works for you. 

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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